How to Mint a Tree

Preparing a Wallet

It can be a daunting process if you've never minted an NFT before! We've put together a guide to help you navigate the different steps you'll need to follow.

To mint an NFT on the Polygon blockchain, you'll need both MATIC and a wallet that can hold your NFT.

Creating a Wallet

First, create an Ethereum wallet that you can use to conduct your transactions and hold your NFTs. Note that Ethereum wallets are also compatible with the Polygon network. NFTree supports MetaMask wallet. You can find instructions on how to install Metamask on their website

Your Ethereum wallet will have a public address on the Polygon network, which is where you can send and receive tokens like MATIC and NFTs.

Adding Polygon Network to your Metamask

In order to mint an NFTree, you will need to connect your wallet to the Polygon network. Polygon is an Ethereum scaling platform that has cheaper transaction fees and is friendlier on the environment. Instead of Ether, polygon has its own currency called MATIC.

The easiest way to set up polygon on your Metamask is by going to the polygon website, clicking the "use polygon" button in the nav bar, and connecting your Metamask. The polygon network should automatically be added to your Metamask wallet thereafter.

Buying MATIC

The easiest way to buy MATIC, the currency used on Polygon, is to use a fiat onramp like Transak or Moonpay. Transak is probably the easiest way to purchase MATIC right now because you can start the process directly in your metamask wallet by switching to the polygon network and clicking the "buy" button, you can then purchase Matic directly with a debit / credit card which lands directly in your metamask.

We recommend using a debit card, as credit card companies may sometimes reject transactions from crypto onramps.

Another way to get MATIC in your wallet is to purchase on an exchange and send to your Metamask from the exchange. Be careful with this method because some exchanges, including Coinbase do not support polygon network directly, when you send your MATIC to your wallet from coinbase, it comes as Etherium Matic, and needs to be bridged to Polygon using the polygon bridge

NOTE: The polygon bridge is down right now, so we definitely recommend using an onramp such as transak.


When you "mint" an NFT, you're interacting with a smart contract on the blockchain and making a transaction to create a new token under that contract, one that you own. For NFTree Haus, you can either mint through our website (beginner-friendly) or directly through Etherscan (more advanced).

Website (Beginner-Friendly)

The easiest way to mint a tree will be through the NFTree Haus website since we'll handle a lot of the complexity for you.

1. You'll need to connect your metamask to our website using the "Connect Wallet" button — a modal will open, and you'll need to approve the connection.

    2. Once your wallet is connected, select the number of trees you'd like to mint, with a max of three. Then click "Mint," and you should see an overview of the transaction you're about to create in your wallet, with the option to confirm it.

    ‍3. The transaction should take a minute or two and then be complete in most cases. Hooray, you've just minted your first NFT!

    Note: In some uncommon cases (i.e., the contract hits the total limit of trees to mint), there is a possibility that your transaction will fail.